Below are some of the services Optistaff offers with a brief description



Outsource all of your day-to-day accounting functions to Optistaff. In turn, reducing overhead and allowing you to concentrate on your core business. 

Data Entry / Write-up

Allow for Optistaff to take care of all your Accounting data entry. This task typically consumes the most time for your Accounting department. 

Billing and Accounts Receivable Management

Let us handle the headache that is billing and collecting from customers.

 Accounts payable management

Optistaff can assist you by helping you take control your cash-flow. Optimizing when and how your are paying your vendors can save you thousands in fees and interest.

Account Reconciliations (Banks, Credit Cards, Etc.)

Optistaff can handle the reconciliation of your bank and major credit card accounts.

Data Reporting and Analytics

We can review your company's data and create a more clear view of how your company is performing. Through our reports and analysis, we can help you better understand your business. 

Payroll Maintenance and Processing

Allow us to process and maintain your payroll through proprietary software or through third-party software.

W-2/1099 Preparation

Let Optistaff prepare and file your tax documents for you.